About MyiCourse


Welcome to the flat world of MyiCourse™! This online world was created so people can teach and learn from each other.

Not only can you access courses created by others on a range of topics, you can create your own online college, your own curriculum, and your own courses. Free.

You can create your own MyiCourse™ site to impart knowledge to others using text, audio, video and/or images. If you choose to share your course creations with the world, our public universities allow you the opportunity to earn what we refer to as “mail box money.” If you need to direct others to learn, e.g. companies, churches, homeowners associations… the MyiCourse™ private college is probably more desirable. Before all this can be accomplished, a few introductory steps must be taken. 

How do you get started? Great question. We have provided a list of number courses in the Learning Center for your use. These can be found in the course catalog and we suggest you start with course number 1 as it provides an overview. Each course is presented with an eye to what you need to learn, in order, to get you up to speed as quickly as possible.

The numbered courses can be found by going to the MyiCourse™ home page, located at www.MyiCourse.com, and clicking the Learning Center link or by going directly to learningcenter.MyiCourse.com



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