Welcome to aLearning on MyiCourse!


The aLearning Blog presents another method for providing low- or no-cost elearning to your association members. This basic click-thru course is another variation of an asynchronous tutorial that you can easily create and make available to your members. 

Anyone accessing MyiCourse courses will need to register (as you did) but registration is free, as is access. 

MyiCourse gives you many options for "straight-up" tutorial production:

  • images of your choice (this one uses clip art)
  • text of your choosing
  • audio (not included here but the option exists)
  • video (not included here but the option exists)
  • assessments (not included here but this option exists as well)

MyiCourse also offers a way for you to not only charge for your course but to earn revenue through banner ads if you choose.

IMPORTANT: All courses and tutorials created on MyiCourse are available to all MyiCourse users. If you have content that should be kept private or confidential this MyiCourse is NOT appropriate for your situation.

Questions about the aLearning course on MyiCourse? Contact Ellen at ellenbehr@aol.com or via the aLearning Blog at http://alearning.wordpress.com

Questions about MyiCourse? Take a look at their FAQ and click the Contact Us tab on the MyiCourse main page if you need more information.